Found this post online – the critical thinking is deplorable.

CHRISTIANS Allegedly BEATEN By Chinese Police | Keithiest/The Keith Network

“There should not be violence at any time ever anywhere in the world, unless it is necessary.”

“You can think anything you want to, and express anything you want to, apart from certain messages.”

Aside from the rambling commentary of this brief post, with no explanation or discussion of why the writer believes these things, does anyone else find this type of thought process terrifying? This should never happen… except when it should. Who decides? You?

Should China be persecuting Christians? Hell No. It is a fundamental human right to believe and to express your beliefs no matter what others think of them. If you are a Nazi, I want to know what you believe so that I can adequately protect myself and society from your beliefs. It is important that society sees you parading down the streets so that they don’t forget what ignorance and evil truly looks like. If we see and hear the hate, we won’t make the mistake of believing it has gone extinct or we have “evolved”. Hate speech is just as necessary as any other speech.

On oppressing religion, I find many (definitely not all) atheists are so overcome by their distaste for religion, and a sense of religious superiority, that they begin slipping into a complacency of accepting stifled speech. If the thoughts expressed aren’t scholarly enough (proof based) then the idea isn’t worth hearing, and the speaker shouldn’t be promoting their views in public. The most dangerous comment I frequently hear is that religious thought is acceptable in private, or at home, but should not be allowed in the public forum (government, work, school, etc.). I’m sorry, but removing these topics from public discourse is oppressive. Society has no right to limit these expressions of belief just so you can be free of the lowly viewpoints of others. Roll your eyes, argue your point, or move on. Toleration must work both ways.

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